Saturday, February 19, 2011

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step...

So I figured I would start this off by going back to my heavy roots and start off with some of the Big 4.
First off for some Metallica off of their first album Kill 'em All here's Motorbreath:
By far one of the best little known songs by Metallica, they used it as a closer for concerts 'till recently.

Next off I'll give you guys a little taste of by far one of the most controversial metal bands in history, after which i drew some inspiration in naming this blog, Slayer. This is the song War Ensemble off their album Seasons In The Abyss:
Now some people may chastise me for putting War Ensemble up here instead of Raining Blood or Angel of Death but I really don't care. Both of those are amazing songs, both on the CD and live, but when I saw them this past Fall I thought they did much better on War Ensemble.

That's all for now folks, more to come later this week with perhaps some more modern music.
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