Wednesday, February 23, 2011

They Got Off On A Technicality pt. 2

Alright guys here is the continuation of my Technical Metal segment and I'm gonna start it off with a BANG!!

This I After the Burial with their song Ometh off of their first album Rareform
If anything the INSANE solo work for the last minute of the song is enough to warrant leading off this post but the shear technicality of the pick work is AMAZING!! As I said in my previous post, you're going to see a lot of Summerian Records and this is just another band on their amazing lineup.

Next up is going to be some of The Black Dahlia Murder with What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse.
The thing that I believe justifies it's position here is the awesome drum work by Shannon Lucas. The guy is amazing and you can get a clearer look of it on the video for Necropolis.
These guys are just strait up epic and really don't have a single bad song on either Deflorate or Nocturnal, definitely worth the money.

Today I'm going to leave you guys with Starved and Bow Down, both by Born Of Osiris, another one of the giants on Summerian.This stuff is great and I highly recommend you get both their current albums and their new one when it comes out. Here is Bow Down.
And here is Starved.

I hope you enjoyed this selection and I love hearing from YOU the reader so leave your comments and suggestions on what you like or don't like. Next Segment: Math Metal

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