Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who Needs A Singer Anyways

So for this post I've decided to do an instrumental metal sampler for those who thought all metal has is growling "cookie monster" vocals or the demonic shrieks common to Death Metal or Black Metal or a mass of unintelligible riffs that you can't really make out. If a posh celebrity living on Long Island were to listen to metal, Instrumental Metal would be their choice.

To start off the eargasm that you are about to experience I give you Animals As Leaders, a "band" I only just recently discovered and I haven't been able to get off of my headphones. Animals As Leaders was the result of an offer from Prosthetic Records to Tosin Abasi to get a solo project. At first Tosin was reluctant but after his old band Reflux disbanded he took up the offer, recording his first album with Misha Mansoor of Periphery. Tosin recorded not only lead guitar on his monster 8 string guitar, but also rhythm and bass while Mansoor added synthesized drums and other effects to complete the mix. The band now has a rhythm guitarist in Javier Reyes (also using an 8 string) and a real drummer in Navene Koperweis. Other things to note are that Navene Koperweis is formerly of Animosity fame and Tosin Abasi toured with Born of Osiris in 2009.
This is their song CAFO from their self titled album Animals As Leaders.
And this is the newest single, Wave of Babies.

Now I'm going to completely turn the corner and close out today's post with To Live Is To Die, my personal favorite of Metallica's 3 instrumental tracks to date.

That's all for today. Next to come: Technical Metal and Math Metal
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