Tuesday, March 1, 2011

∫-∞ⁿ=... Awesome

O.K. so I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you have no clue what the title means? Well neither do I but I think its time for me to introduce y'all to a little known genre I like to call Math Metal. Now you may wonder, what constitutes a song being Math Metal? Well to put it this way, if you think you know how a rhythm goes your probably not right, and you would probably need a PH.d to decipher some of the time signatures used in these songs. I think the best way for you to understand it is to hear it so here is Farewell Mona Lisa by The Dillinger Escape Plan.
I think these guys truly take schizophrenia to a whole new meaning. This song off their new album Option paralysis is just amazing and it's not just a total screech-fest either. Now here is Horse Hunter off of their 2007 album Ire Works
I really just have kinda run out of words to describe this stuff so here is Sunshine the Werewolf
And now for something completely different, here is some Periphery with Racecars Both with vocals
And Instrumental
Now if you just had to change pants I completely understand because this song is just THAT EPIC. Now here is a little fun fact about Periphery and their guitarist Misha Mansoor which you may already know. He was the producer for Animals As Leaders self titled album and he also recorded a 3 song demo for Born of Osiris.

Now that's going to be all for this post, but if you want more I highly encourage you to go out and get the albums for your self.