Monday, February 21, 2011

They Got Off On A Technicality pt. 1

Alright so I said at the end of my last post that I would be covering Technical Metal and Math Metal in this post. Here's the thing, there's way too much technical metal out there for me to cover it in one post, so I've decided that I'm going to split it into three posts, two about Technical Metal and one about Math Metal.

To kick off the Technical Metal I'll start it off with Veil Of Maya and their song Dark Passenger.

Veil of Maya is a pretty young band, [ID] being only their second album with Summerian Records, a powerhouse of Technical Metal bands. 

The next song I'm going to feature is Unrest by Parkway Drive.
Parkway Drive, hailing out of Australia, is a band that I only just recently got really into, but they soon jumped onto my radar. I haven't really heard much or their older stuff but I highly recommend both Deep Blue and Horizons as future purchases for anyone looking for music.

Now to jump back to America with Summerian Record's flagship band The Faceless and their track The Ghost Of A Stranger.
When I first heard this song I thought for a second that Cliff Burton had come back from the dead to play Bass for these guys. The runs are amazing, most of the time mirroring the Guitars, And if that wasn't enough at 2:55 into the song he just goes crazy with it, and that's not a one time thing or even something specific to their first album as he comes back on the second one and does it again and then some. Here's The Ancient Covenant off of their most recent album Planetary Duality.
Now if that intro didn't catch your interest than I don't know what would. The Faceless have also announced that they will be releasing a new album sometime in the next few months so be on the lookout for that to hit the shelves soon.

Anyways, that's going to have to be all for pt.1 of They Get Off On a Technicality, stay tuned for pt.2 and make sure you leave feedback and subscribe so you don't miss whats to come. 

Also as a side note in the next few weeks I'd like to do a segment on what YOU the reader like to listen to, regardless of genre (although metal/rock are preferred) so be sure to leave those in the comments section as well.

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